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Following the deforestation of forests in Burundi, the soil gradually becomes infertile. As a result, the agricultural sector, which brings a lot of Burundians to live, is seriously damaged and production is almost unsatisfactory. Poverty is lodged in households, diseases directly linked to malnutrition burst. And the country becomes the first loser. Faced with these plagues, Emmanuel Niyoyabikoze felt called upon as Burundians to contribute to reforestation with the aim of protecting the environment and supporting government programs in preserving the environment.

As a result, He launched this project called ” Greening BURUNDI ” by setting up a nursery in October 2018 of more than 40,000 trees that he plant for free.

Emmanuel, The day when he started #GreeningBurundi

Since January, these trees have been planted on the 13 schools of the BUBANZA area, on mountains and roadsides, river banks and the population receives the trees for free to plant in their homes.

During the Plantation Period, the environmentally focused exchange sessions were done to inspire and open the consciousness of youth and adults to focus on the preservation of the planet. Exchange done with Bubanza Paramedical school’s Students

After the success of this first phase of Greening Burundi, he took the path to start the second phase and this was not slow to implement towards the end of May 2019 where his goal is to make a nursery of 200,000 trees to be planted in early October this year.

Look at the Second Phase Video

Tree Nursery Preparation of About 200,000 trees by Emmanuel

Emmanuel aims to plant 1,000,000 trees in 3 years but it is a Dream the takes a shape due to the lack of Material and financial resources.

This Project needs everyone’s support

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