The Visioner


Emmanuel Niyoyabikoze

Designer and Director, Greening Burundi Project

Emmanuel Niyoyabikoze, a native of Bubanza Province in Burundi is a young  climate activist and the Designer and Director of the Greening Burundi Project.

After seeing the debilitating environmental, economic, security, health impact of the climate change, he was impassioned to take up the climate change challenge and save the future generation by focusing on remedying these effects by finding a sustainable solution and making our world a better place, for us all, to live.

This was what gave birth to the Greening Burundi Project, a cause for environmental protection, planting and multiplying of trees in order to draw back the hand of the clock of the devastation of the climate change.

Emmanuel organises seminars and workshops focusing on community development, environmental education and the fight against environmental pollution. He also partners with individuals, schools, communities and organisation and encourages them to be a tree ambassador by planting trees and/or financing the #GreeningBurundi initiative.