1,000,000 trees

That is my goal. That is my aspiration. All my energy is towards it. Join me in the quest to plant 1 million trees in Burundi. Let us save this earth.

Number of Trees Planted

The Journey of 1 Million Trees

Challenged by the menace of deforestation and the devastating effects of the climate change resulting in soil erosion, global warming, desertification and soil infertility, Emmanuel seeing himself as a future generation, embarked on reforestation in order to preserve the environment. This passion was what gave birth to the launching of the “Greening Burundi” Project,” with the hope of planting 1 million trees in Burundi.

In the 1st Phase of the #GreeningBurundi project, 40,000 trees were planted while the 2nd Phase has commenced with the setting up of the nursery of more than 200,000 trees to be planted in between October and November this year.

The goal is alive and Emmanuel Niyoyabikoze is focused on planting 1 million trees within 3 years. That is where it will start as he continue to plant more millions of trees in more years to come.

Support The #GreeningBurundi Project

  • Be A Tree Ambassador

    You too can make the difference planting one tree at a time. Be a Tree Ambassador, share your story and help others plant a tree.

  • It Is Fun Learning About The Environment

    We work with schools and teachers to help them teach their students on the importance of trees, as well as supply nurseries for their schools.

  • Communities Need Trees To Improve Quality of Life

    Communities are encouraged to plant trees for environmental, economic, health and social benefits and learn about trees.

  • It Is Time For You To Partner With Us

    Let us partner on behalf of this earth we love so much. We need you to help provide the tool and finance needed to achieve this noble goal.

  • No Better CSR Than Planting A Tree

    Businesses and organisations can make an impact and help boost their corporate social responsibility initiatives by committing to planting of trees.





I invite you to join me, whether individuals, schools, communities, or organisations, to partner with me  to save our planet from the scourge of climate change and assure a future for the next generation.

We need you to support the #GreeningBurundi Project


In Burundi, finding young people who think to invest in the environmental field is almost a dream. Yet, exceptions are not lacking. Saddened by the drought that plagues his home province and the consequences it causes, a young student from the province Bubanza wants to make his country all green.

Region Week

This young man keeps on surprising me. He takes initiative, he is creative and he has a vision’. Many people are negative, blame everything on outside things… So, while others wait for things to come to them, he walks his path. He even shows the path. Be sure, life will bring everything to him. It surely will.


Emmanuel Niyoyabikoze est un jeune natif de la province Bubanza. Il a 24 ans et étudie dans la faculté de Sage-Femme à l’Institut National de Sante Publique. Révolté par la désertification qui d’une façon alarmante affectait le sol, freinant ainsi une production agricole suffisante dans sa communauté, Emmanuel a décidé de lancer un projet pour l’environnement.